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Barry Morse and Anton Phillips during the Q & A sessions.

Nick bounding in, with his son on the phone. His 13-year old daughter was in the audience, and he beckoned her onto the stage.... dads, eh? Mrs. Tate joined the audience a little later.

Judy Moore looked stunning in her Maya costumes!

Nick Tate leading the Conga line! Second-in-command is Ellen Lindow. During the Brunch on Sunday, she announced that she and her husband, Michael, planned to organize a "Breakaway +1" gig next year in Florida. Hope to see you all there!

The delightful Chris Paulsen in one terrific outfit! Although I spoke to him only occasionally, I took an immediate liking to him, and appreciated our interaction. Chris seemed to be on the go all the time as did the entire con-com. Thanks to John von Kamp for asking after me when I was holding up walls!
My hat's off to all of you for having put together such an enjoyable, memorable event. I never saw any of you visibly agitated (how did you do it?), but always full of smiles and good manners.

Great costume! No-one I spoke to could tell me who this was. The Breakaway Party was a blast (no pun intended!) At midnight we had a count-down and there was much revelling! I think we all agreed that this event will DWARF millenium celebrations. On the 13th minute of the 13th day, Jerry Scott and Catherine Bujold were officially engaged on the terrace. It was another great moment.

Mr. Fred Freiberger was a surprise guest on Monday. I commend him for appearing before what might have been a hostile crowd. In spite of things said about Mr. Freiberger, people were very civil towards him, and I was encouraged by everyone who spoke, and were patient with him.

Another shot of the beautiful set that was used at the con. It provided wonderful atmosphere.

A high-light for me was to meet the enchanting Johnny Byrne who worked as script editor/writer on the series. I was even more tickled to learn of his involvement in my all-time favourite TV series (sorry, Alphans!), "All Creatures Great and Small" That series perhaps had more inpact on me than any other, reminding us of the importance of goodness, kindness, and patience. I think I could blame the combined talents of James Herriot and Mr. Byrne for my having the houseful of animals I do now....and I wouldn't have it any other way! I thank the con-com for including this warm, intelligent man in their invitations.

I'm still thinking constantly about the events that took place over those few days. There was a lovely bonding that took place between people that I've never experienced at a con (and, for that matter, very rarely outside a con).

The occasion was truly magical.

Linda L. (Canada)

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